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CareerPro is a career management resource employed to assist individuals, success-driven executives and professionals, in achieving their “Next Level” career move, using our unique search and mentoring capabilities.


For more than 30 years, our consultants have been continuously improving job search and mentoring techniques.  Our methods and strategies are sophisticated.  We believe candidates should be fully engaged in a search for the best career opportunity, not just a job.  Traditional approaches have proven inadequate in this intensely competitive environment.  We can provide the advantage.


Many successful managers and professionals are unwilling to do the work necessary to survive and grow in the current job market.  They lack the attitude, belief and conviction required to win in a competitive employment race.   There is always a place for those who can produce important accomplishments.  You need to do the right things with the necessary energy and persistence to prevail.


Our career management experience tells us that this uncertain economy makes the job market fertile for those with your skills, capabilities and unique talents.  You have expressed interest in transitioning into a new role and possibly shifting into a different career path.  Now is the time to realize your vision.


Our Clients have included CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Presidents, Directors, General Managers, functional Vice Presidents and Senior Managers from the private and public sectors; engineers, scientists, attorneys, accountants, human resource experts, financial consultants; and, professionals from education, government and the military.

Career advancement need not be a struggle, but rather an efficient and effective process of gaining job satisfaction, career growth and financial security.  Our goal is to help our clients achieve the optimum that their personal skills, work history and marketability will permit.  It is about planning and strategy.



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